Tandoori Patio Restaurant & Bar

Call 020-231 9134 or 0719-764 000

Cuisine: Indian, Chinese

Location: Peponi Road, Westlands

The Tandoori Patio Restaurant & Bar Serves Indian & Chinese Cuisine. They cater for all parties, in-house & outside venues too. The perfect summer time Patio! Their comfortable, cozy and serene hidden gem, serves up some of the best Indian cuisine - curry style and tandoori-bbqs too, on the Westlands/Lower Kabate side of the city. For the Asian inclined palate, they offer a selection of Chinese cuisine too. Unwind, relax and treasure the luxury of feeling footloose and fancy-free, from the rhythm of the light, summer drizzle of the water fall and calming music, as you begin to catch up with friends over a bottle of wine! The Tandoori Patio is a sure win, no matter if you’re in search of a private place to make your business deal over a good meal, or just swinging by for lunch, brunch, sundowners, happy hours or family dinners. The Tandoori Patio, is a casual upscale patio style, snug Restaurant, with great food and drinks, and has everything you need for a peaceful interlude in your day or just a relaxing place to wrap up your work week alone or with friends and kick off your weekend! Tranquil, casual and serene.